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Shameless Plug For My New Radio Show!

Our latest episode of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO is, of course, a two-hour non-stop get-your-ass-up-off-your-seat explosion of the greatest rock and roll on the planet. Would you expect anything less?

Check it out at www.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app and listen often. Heck, listen loud - so loud that your neighbors get to listen too!

But let me tell you what's happening. First, I'm getting on a boat. Yep, it;s time to set sail on the inaugural Outlaw Country West cruise! My son and I will be on the high seas for the next 10 days or so but do not fret - I've already recorded this upcoming Friday's show. And guess what it is!

It's Episode 99, which means it's one episode before Episode 100 and Episode 100 is going to be special. More on that in a second.

Episode 99 is a rebroadcast of Episode 1's set list! That's right, we're playing the set list from Episode 1 but updated with more current squeaking and beeping from me. How does our very first set list hold up two years later? Tune in to find out! (SPOILER ALERT - even in our first episode, we were better than anyone else.)

And then, if that's not enough - and it never is in the world of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO - Episode 100 is two hours of the songs I am most thankful for discovering over these last two years. Some of them were recorded thirty years ago; some were recorded thirty weeks ago. But they all have two things in common: (1) I'd never heard them until I started this show; and (2) they GET YOUR ASS UP OFF YOUR SEAT!

So make sure to tune in often. I've enjoyed these first 100 shows so much that I can't contain my excitement over what the next 100 shows are going to bring!
Ahoy there, landlubbers! This is your captain with no name speaking and I'm here to rock your world! (you know what song that's from, and damn right I've played it on my show!). It's great to be back on dry land and it's super-great to return to broadcasting ROCK AND ROLL RADIO live and it's super-dee-duper great to return with EPISODE 100!

As I mentioned two weeks and ago, and as I'm sure you don't remember because I barely do, Episode 100 is a compilation of the best songs I've discovered through bringing you two years of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO.

Those that know me IRL (that's "in real life" in case you're my age) know that I've never met a microphone I didn't like. But - while getting to do my squeaking and beeping over the air once a week is a great thing for me, the best thing about this show has been the realization that there are hundreds and hundreds of GREAT rock and roll songs that I'd never heard before.

Now I have!

Should I spoil the surprise and let you know some of what you're going to hear this week? No way! But I will let you in on one not-surprising factoid - the Ladies That Rock have been such an incredible find that there are TWO sets from them today.

And there could have FOUR sets of the Ladies That Rock. In fact, this could have been a FOUR-HOUR show, there are that many great rock songs I've heard for the first time because of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO.

So if you want to find out what the best of the best is, tune in today live at 4 PM CST on www.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app - which I highly recommend because this is a show you're going to want to hear more than once!
Gotta take a week off, as the station owner is taking a week off so all the shows are taking a week off, but -

We'll be back next week albeit with a rebroadcast of an earlier show. I'll be out of town blah blah blah. 'Skgo Rebs!

BUT THEN: two weeks from today we return and I'm going to rebroadcast episode 100. If you were listening last week, you heard the technical difficulties about 1 1/2 hours in. That was the computer crashing. I did about 12 minutes of squeaking and beeping while we restarted everything but I don;t think anything actually went over the air. Too bad! I spilled all the tea and gave away all my secrets!

Anyway, after everything restarted I still don't think our broadcast went out over the airwaves. And I know whatever did get broadcast before the crash did not make it to the podcast archive, because last week's show isn't in the archive. That's OK because like Morris Day, I demand perfection and a computer crash in the middle of the show is not perfection!

See you in two weeks!
OK, OK - I know there were technical difficulties with the rebroadcast of Episode 100 of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO last week. Specifically, the show got cut off 1 1/2 hours in. That should be fixed but the fact of the rock and roll matter is that because of first the computer crash, and then the unexpected interruption by some other show, the last 30 minutes of Episode 100 have never actually gone out over the airwaves. I've heard them several times, but you have never heard them.

We're fixing that today!

Episode 101 contains the last five songs that you so anxiously waited to hear. And they're worth the wait! And you only have to wait until the second set to hear them!

But there's more!

Since we're sort of repeating ourselves with those songs, the rest of the show is made up of entirely new songs! That's right - 20-count-'em-20 songs new to the show! Can you believe it?!?

You'd better! So tune in today for some ROCK AND ROLL RADIO history! After all - we're now in Year 3 and we're in triple digits in episodes - would you expect anything less than history? Of course not!

Experience the history today at 4 PM CST at www.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio application and get it on!
POP QUIZ! Who internationals like ROCK AND ROLL RADIO?


So today I thought I'd prove it. We've got 29 songs - that's right, 29 - from around the world. Australia, Finland, the Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Japan and more! In fact, there are 14 countries represented in today's show. Who else can do that?!?


Tune in to www.highvolumemusicradio.com at 4 PM CST today for the live broadcast or download the High Volume Music Radio app and listen any time, all the time, every day. Find out why no one has more international downloads than ROCK AND ROLL RADIO!
ROCK AND ROLL RADIO is taking two well-deserved weeks off. Maybe three, although I think I'm going to craft an end-of-the-year show. But we'll see.

In the meantime, here's a list of some of my favorite songs we discovered in 2022. BUY them, LISTEN to them, ENJOY them!

68-75 - It's Only Tuesday
Amorettes - Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock N Roll
Anthony Gomes - Hell and Half of Georgia
Bad Touch - Baby Get It On
Bawdies - Get Up and Ride
Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse - Gris Gris
Biters - Melody for Lovers
Bonafide - Fill Your Head With Rock
Bourbon House - Resonate
Classless Act - Give It To Me
Def Leppard - Kick
Deraps - My Side of Town
Dirty Honey - Let's Go Crazy
Dr. Boogie - Get Back to New York City
Flipp - W.T.F.
Goodbye June - Three Chords
Goodbye June - See Where The Night Goes
Grace McKagan & Eagles of Death Metal - K-Town
Hion Martell - B.D.M.
iDestroy - We Are Girls
Joyous Wolf - Fearless
Larkin Poe - Georgia Off My Mind
Marcus King - Hard Workin' Man
Michael Monroe - Everybody's Nobody
Michael Monroe - Trick of the Wrist
Middlenight Men - Heroine Heights
Midnight Devils - The Trick
Reef - Best of Me
Reef - Place Your Hands
Ryan Hamilton - Records and Needles
Sass Jordan - Still Alive and Well
Sixters - Pravda
Temperance Movement - House of the Holy
Thundermother - I Don't Know You
Ultra Mega Cat Attack - Stay.Go.
VA ROCKS - Listen to Rock and Roll Radio
Yo-Yo's - Out of My Mind
I don't know what your New Year's Eve plans are but if you need a soundtrack for them, have I got a deal for you!

Today's episode of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO was crafted (I will never, EVER use the word "curated" unless I get a job at a nice museum) specifically to GET YOUR ASS UP OFF YOUR SEAT as 2022 winds down!

Get the High Volume Music App, turn it on at 10:00 PM Saturday night, and you just might have the best two hours of 2022!

Blowing out this year - and setting us up for even better things in 2023 - are The Lazys, Kiss, ZZ Top, The Faces, Warner Hodges, The Muffs, Dwight Twilley, Stacie Collins, The Midnight Devils and more!

Do I even have to tell you what song we're ending 2022 with?!? I'd better not but if you don't know, then that's one more reason to tune in!

Get that app but if you want to listen live today, we air at 4 PM at www.highvolumemusicradio.com. Happy New Year from ROCK AND ROLL RADIO!
It's the first show of 2023 for ROCK AND ROLL RADIO! So, of COURSE we've got new rock and roll; we've got time-tested rock and roll; we've got the BEST rock and roll!

We'll get you started off right with Rose Tattoo, The Standstills, Thunder, Hans Condor, De Piratas, Bruce Springsteen, and Dirty Honey.
We've got five brand-new songs from the Ladies That Rock! Pop Quiz - who else has a Ladies That Rock segment? Nobody! Additional pop quiz - who else has a catalog of more than 200 songs from female bands, representing more than 15 countries? Again - nobody!

Make a resolution to listen to ROCK AND ROLL RADIO every week - it's easier than losing weight! Join us at 4 PM today live at ww.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app and jam any time, all the time!
Sometimes the universe just lines up, you know? Like today, on ROCK AND ROLL RADIO!

I've said this before but it happened again this week - it literally RAINED new rock and roll on me! We could have fashioned an entire two hours out of new stuff and stuff we found that I *know* you've never heard before - but will love!

Bringing it this week are Steve Vai, Bad Touch, The Bites, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Volbeat, Crossbone Skully, Houston's own Thunderado and.......stand by for Xciter!

And stand by for The Ladies That Rock - it's five new songs! And by "new" I mean new to the show. Sure, three of them dropped like *yesterday* but we found a couple that will have you asking, "Where have you been all my life?!?"

The fun starts at 4 PM CST today. Listen at www.highvolumemusicradio.com and/or download the High Volume Music Radio app. See you there!
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Sometimes, you just KNOW you're on the right track. Like today's episode of ROCK AND ROLL RADIO!

I planned today's show and after it was set, I happened across a FREE ROCK AND ROLL MOVIE - "The Rainbow". You can watch it, I'll link it below. It's really good!

"The Rainbow" is about the restaurant/bar on Sunset Strip. It was the hangout of every rock star and movie star in Hollywood - still is, in fact. The owner - Mario Maglieri, RIP - also owned Whisky-A-Go-Go. The number of bands that got their start there is simply mind-blowing. "The Rainbow" really tells the story of both The Rainbow and Whisky-A-Go-Go.

And wouldn't you know it? We play most of those bands right here on ROCK AND ROLL RADIO! In fact, today's show was already chock-full of Whisky-A-Go-Go acts, such as Motley Crue, Lita Ford, Love/Hate, Alice Cooper, Betty Blowtorch and Michael Monroe even before I watched the movie. That wasn't planned, it's just the way the rock and roll universe works!

I couldn't squeeze The Monkees in but Mickey Dolenz absolutely RULED The Rainbow. In fact, it's worth watching "The Rainbow" just for Mickey's parts. Your life isn't complete until you understand who The Hollywood Vampires were!

Watch "The Rainbow" at your leisure but LISTEN to ROCK AND ROLL RADIO live today at 4 PM CST at www.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app and join in any time!

I know what you're thinking: you're thinking, "What's on ROCK AND ROLL RADIO today?"

Get ready to turn your brain off and just rock out, because here is the answer - ROCK AND ROLL! In fact, a lot of JOHNNY CASH ROCK AND ROLL!

"There was one?" you might ask (and if you aren't thinking of "Stripes" right now, go watch "Stripes" - right now). Of course! We've got a couple Johnny Cash covers, a band called Johnny CRASH, and two-count-'em-two never-before-heard Johnny Cash stories. Well...if you've ever spent much time with me, you *might* have heard these stories!

In addition to Mr. Cash, we've got the good stuff from the likes of Bonafide, Brian Ray, Eddie Money (go watch that tribute concert on AXS right after you watch "Stripes", trust me on this!), Rhino's Revenge and Ryan Hamilton.

Speaking of Ryan, he's got a new album out in about a month and next week we'll not only be playing one of the songs from it, but we will bring you THE QUOTE OF THE YEAR. Seriously. After you hear it, you'll order five copies of the new album, just like me.

It's that good.

Also that good is our Ladies That Rock set, but isn't it always? Sure it is! We're going to be blown away and that's not just a statement, it's a Ladies That Rock song title (sort of, you'll see).

The fun drops at 4 PM CST today at www.highvolumemusicradio.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app and listen any time, all the time. Thanks!
Today on ROCK AND ROLL RADIO, we have.....drum roll please.....


What's that, you say? A quote? But what about the music? Well - the quote IS about music. Sort of. And it's ribald. Verrrrrrry ribald. It comes via Ryan Hamilton. You have been warned. And I've said enough. On to the music!

Of COURSE we have some Ryan Hamilton. Brand new Ryan Hamilton! Released on Valentine's Day but suitable for any occasion! And also new music from Chris Duarte, Robert Jon & The Wreck, Rock-Criminals, and more! More, like Classless Act with Justin Hawkins (that's a clue about The Quote Of The Year), Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Montrose, and Bad Touch.

But wait, there's even more! Our buddies Warner Hodges and Eric Ambel are currently ON THE BOAT. Yes, they are blasting the rock and roll all over the high seas on Outlaw Country Cruise #7! I believe between them, the guys and their bands have played about 8 shows so far and I think tonight is the Guitar Jam to end all Guitar Jams, which of course is hosted by Warner! So to celebrate their conquer of the open waters, we've got a set full of Warner, Eric, jason and the scorchers, and The Del-Lords.

But wait, there's STILL more! You know what it is this time - yep, it's the Ladies That Rock! No one else does it (everyone else SHOULD, though), and today we've got Heart, Larkin Poe and Stacie Collins, among others. There's a reason that the Ladies That Rock set is always the longest set on the show. Check it out!

We go live at 4 PM CST today at www.highvolumemusicradio.com or get the High Volume Music Radio app and listen on demand but remember - shows are only up for one week, so don't delay!
Hi RodeoSchro. Listening. Now? the livestream is not playing. Don't know why. Probably something I did. Oh, well. :fit:
Hi RodeoSchro. Listening. Now? the livestream is not playing. Don't know why. Probably something I did. Oh, well. :fit:

No, it wasn't you - it was me! Or more precisely, it was the dang Virtual DJ program at the station. It crashed, and it took me an hour to get everything hooked back up properly. So sorry! I did get the complete episode broadcast, albeit an hour late, and recorded.

The good news is that tomorrow the station owner is supposed to post the full episode to site/app. I will confirm that happens and then confirm it here. I hope you get to listen to it, I think it was one of our best! It's only going to be up through Friday, March 3rd though so don't delay. The Quote Of The Year is worth it, LOL. And so is my quote at the end of Supersucker's "Rock Your Ass"!
If at first you don't succeed, try try again!

As described above, we had the dreaded technical issues last week. Phooey on that!

The station owner had one of those weeks this week and was not able to get the show posted online. So, we're just going to re-broadcast it. It'll run at the same Bat-time, same Bat-channel and THEN it will be on the podcast site for all to enjoy at their leisure. And if I might say so, it is a GREAT show! Hope you can make it!
This week on ROCK AND ROLL RADIO - well, it's going to be hard to top The Quote Of The Year, which we divulged last week. Did you catch it? I hope so! If not, I refer to it in this week's episode and if you don't know the story behind it regarding Ryan Hamilton, then you might look at me a little different the next time you see me. Oh well!

No matter - it's a great show this week! If I'm going to embarrass myself with Ryan Hamilton, I might as well play him again. And I do! Plus, new stuff from Starcrazy, Gyasi, Black Spiders and Austin Gold. They're joined by favorites the L. A. Maybe, Night Ranger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Officer Stickbutt. Yes, Officer Stickbutt, so you know what that means! (If you don't, then you REALLY need to catch this week's show.)

Animals invade this show too, in a variety of manners. In fact, one of the artists in the Ladies That Rock segment is named Ana Moll. And she brings it - but the ladies always do!

Tune in live today at 4 PM CST at www.highvolumemusiclive.com or download the High Volume Music Radio app and listen any time, all the time!
What's better than 20 inches of fresh powder and a full day of skiing on it? Ending that day with ROCK AND ROLL RADIO!

At least, that's how I am doing it today. In case you aren't carving in the powder, you can at least enjoy the rock and roll. And what great rock and roll we've got for you today!

ZZ Top, Head East, Velvet Underground and Nazareth - and that's just the second set. Played around that will be great tunes from Mother Dynamite, our old buddy Butch Walker, Marcus King and Robert Jon & the Wreck.

Not to mention BRAND NEW ROCK AND ROLL from Buckcherry and The Bites. And the Buckcherry on the top is, of course, a Ladies That Rock segment unmatched by anyone, anywhere!

However - we've saved the best for last. The squeaking and beeping by yours truly is ALL Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Specifically, the Poultry Auction Committee! You want to know why they call me RodeoSchro? Tune in today and find out!

The fun starts at 4 PM CDT at www.highvolumemusicradio.com and of course there's a top-notch High Volume Music Radio app available everywhere fine apps are provided. Let's rodeo! Yeehaw!
The Poultry Committee! Do not bring chump change to the auction if you want to go home with a bird.

You got it! The Grand Champion pen of broilers went for.......$300,000! The high school youngster exhibiting them (there are three chickens to a pen) received $40,000 and the remaining $260,000 went into our scholarship fund, to be given out in $20,000 increments. That means that chicken has put 13 kids through college and given one kid a $40,000 head start!

The Grand Champion turkey went for $200,000 and provided educational opportunities for its exhibitor (who is 8 years old!) and 8 more young Texans.

In all, the auction raised $2,800,000. We sold another $400K worth of chickens and turkeys outside the auction so the total raised by the PAC is a tad over $3,200,000 - our best year ever!

The entire Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo gives out about $22,000,000 a year. There are 2,200 kids each and every year attending college who received scholarships from us.

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