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your opinion on offering drawings/paintings/images of Prince...

You are too kind! My daughter said that at least you can tell it's Prince. I've never taken an art class. I've been wanting to learn new things recently and I started with photography a couple of years ago and then the acrylic pours last year, and I've been teaching myself as I go. Your painting would be my goal to be able to achieve that level of artistry. You've done something beautiful there and I hope you keep it up!
not being kind. One can choose to be critical and negative; or to be critical and positive. Of course, a child will be completely forthright, which is awesome. I believe that drawing / art is a journey of discovery....
... my niece is really good at capturing a likeness and some times I want to compare myself to that, which is futile. I try to push that inclination to self-criticize away and focus on the process of... becoming???:):D. Me... something.

Figure drawing classes are really useful. Having timed poses keeps you very loose. Looking at your drawings reminded me of the exercise of very quick sketches. With your drawings, I got a feeling of Prince and sometimes just as I was looking away, but that's just me. There's a million ways to approach trying to draw / paint. You can go for realism.. or cubism... or pointillism... or impressionism... or... caveman drawing... those are so unbelievably awesome.
Prince liked these images:


With drawing/painting Prince, I've only got the digital videos. I take the screenshot... what's to be gained from drawing that? A bunch of zeroes and ones and try as I might I can't reproduce that using my body. A photorealist, I'm not. I try to connect with something that's there and not there. Lately, I've been using a ruler and have been the opposite of loose. Then, why not just print out the screenshot or manipulate it using painting apps (that I know nothing about)? In the screenshots, things blend and merge... I think about how we're collections of atoms with spaces between each and all sorts of imperfectly understood ideas like that. I never saw Prince live. Actually... I want to write more about this but have to go (lucky for you). Finally, I just enjoy painting or drawing while listening to Prince's music.

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