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Happy Birthday and Belated Birthday Libras! Oracle Card Reading, October For All The Sun Signs/Rising Signs...

The First Decanate Of Scorpio - October 23 - November 1, KeyWord: Integrity.
Planetary Ruler Pluto.

They tend to have a hynotic vibe to their personality. They are loyal, steadfast,
dependable. They usually have fixed opinions. There are also scientifically
minded and will listen to new ideas/opinions. They are drawn to mysteries,
the occult and spirituality. They are creative, inventive, artistic. They are
very intuitive and have psychic abilties.
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The Second Decanate Of Scorpio - November 2- 11. Regeneration.
Planetary Rulers: Pluto and Neptune.

They have some Pisces traits because of planet Neptune's influence. They are
idealistic, creative, inventive, artistic. They have a talent for inspiring and
helping people. Strangers tend to bring them luck. These Scorpios are not
always patient. They are very intuitive and have psychic abilities. They are
romantic, loving, caring, passionate, loyal in love, friendship. Some
successful careers are teacher, healer, physician.
The Third Decanate Of Scorpio - November 12 - 21. KeyWord: Clarification.
Planetary Rulers: Pluto and Moon.

The Moon's influence gives them some Cancer traits. They have an alluring
personality. They work well with people. Their magnetic personality draws
admirers to them. They have a strong sense of ethics and they dislike
injustice. They are creative, inventive, artistic, intuitive and have psychic
abilities. They can get moody. Their emotions are deep and they do not
often like to reveal their emotions to strangers. They are honest in their

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