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Happy Birthday and Belated Birthday Libras! Oracle Card Reading, October For All The Sun Signs/Rising Signs...

Aries, general Info ....

Dominant KeyWord: I AM. Your most likeable trait: Courage.

Luck Day: Tuesday, Monday. Magical Birtstone: Diamond. Color: Red.
Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea. Other stones:
Konzite, pink spodumene. Perfume - Jasmine

Cities: Naples, Verona, Florence, Marseilles.. Countries: England, Germany, Poland.
Animals: Sheep, rams. Symbol The Ram: Assertive, has the ability to climb to great
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Dominant KeyWord: I THINK. Your most likeable trait: Responsiveness.

Luck Day: Wednesday. Magical Birthstone: Agate Color: Yellow.
Flowers: Lily of the valley, Lavender. Other stones: Moldavite.
Perfume - Peppermint.
Cities: London, San Francisco, Versailles, Melbourne. Animals ruled
by Gemini: Brightly colored birds, butterflies.

Countries: The USA, Wales, Belgium. Trees: Nut-bearing trees.
Symbolt The Twins: Duality, versatility, communication, humanism.
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Dominant KeyWord: I HAVE.

Lucky Day: Friday, Tuesday. Magical Birthstone: Emerald. Colors: Pale blue, Mauve. Other stones:
Clear quartz. Cities: Dublin, Lucerne, Leipzig, St. Louis. Flowers: Violet, Poppy. Trees:
Apple, Cypress. Perfume - Geranium. Countries: Ireland, Switzerland, Cyprus, Greece.
Metal: Copper.
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Dominant KeyWord: I FEEL. Your most likeable trait: Loyalty.

Lucky Day: Monday, Thursday. Magical Birthstone: Pearl. Colors: Silver, sea green.
Other stones: Amethyst. Cities: New York, Venice, Algiers, Amsterdam.
Perfume - Carnation.

Countries: Scotland, Holland, New Zealand. Flowers: Larkspur, Acanthus.
Trees: Trees rich in sap. Metal: Silver. Animals: Those with shell coverings.
Symbol: The Crab.
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Dominant KeyWord: I WILL.

Lucky Day: Sunday, Friday. Magical Birthstone: Ruby. Colors: Gold and orange.
Other stone: Alexandrite. Cities: Rome, Pargue, Hollywood, Damascus.
Animals: All felines. Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold. Metal: Gold. Trees:
orange and all citrus trees. Perfume - Orchid.

Countries: France, Italy, Romania.
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Dominant KeyWord; I ANALYZE.

Lucky Day: Wednesday, Saturday. Magical Birthstone: Saphire. Colors: Navy Blue, Gray.
Other stone: Fluorite. Cities: Paris, Boston, Heidelberg, Strasbourg. Flowers:
Morning glory, Pansy. Trees: Nut-bearing trees. Animals: small domestic pets.
Perfume - Rose.

Countries: Turkey, Greece, Crete, West Indies.
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Dominant KeyWord: I DESIRE. Your most likeable trait: Idealism.

Lucky Day: Tuesday, Monday. Magical Birthstone: Topaz.
Colors: Crimson, Burgandy, Maroon. Other
stone: Sugilite. Perfume - Apple. Flowers: Chrysanthemum.

Countries: Norway, Algeria, Morocco, Tahiti. Cities: Liverpool,
New Orleans, Washington, DC, Newcastle.
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Dominant KeyWord: I SEE.

Lucky Day: Thursday, Wednesday. Magical Birthstone: Turquoise. Color: Purple.
Other stone: Citrine, quartz. Perfume - Almond. Flowers: Holly, Dandelion,
Narcissus. Trees: Mulberry, Oak, Birch. Metal: Tin. Countries: Spain, Hungary,
Australia. Animal: Horse. Cities: Toledo.

Cities: Budapest, Cologne, Toledo, Acapulco.
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Dominant KeyWord: LEADERSHIP. Your most likeable trait: Steadiness.

Lucky Day: Saturday, Wednesday. Magical Birthstone: Garnet. Other stones: Citrine, quartz.
Colors; Dark green, brown. Perfume: Almond. Flowers: Carnation, Ivy. Trees: Pine, Elm,
Poplar. Countries: Bulgaria, India, Mexico, Afghanistan.

Cities: Oxford, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Montreal.
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Dominant KeyWord: I KNOW. Your most likeable trait: Freindliness.

Luck Day: Wednesday, Thursday. Magical Birthstone: Amethyst. Color: Electric blue.
Other stones: Sodalite. Perfume - Vanilla. Animals: Large birds. Trees: Fruit trees.
Flowers: Orchid. Countries: Russia, Sweden, Africa.

Cities: Stockholm, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Salzburg.
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Dominant KeyWord: I BELIEVE. Your most likeable trait: Compassion.

Lucky Day: Friday. Magical Birthstone: Aquamarine.
Colors: Turquoise, Pale green. Other stones: Smoky quartz, Perfume - Peach.
Cities: Lisbon, Dublin, Casablanca, Alexandria, Seville.
Countries: Portugal, the Sahara Desert. Metal: Platinum.

Flowers: Water Lily, White Poppy, Jonquil. Trees: Fig, Willow. Animls: Fish.
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Affirmations for Luck / Gambling:

Pray to the Saints, say the prayers/ that you like.

Ask your angels, archangels, spirit guides to communicate with you when sleeping/dreams
to guide you to dream about lucky lotto numbers and when to play lotto / any type of
Prosperity Affirmation:

"Regarding winning, the outlook is sunny regarding winning money".

Always express GRATITUDE before and after Gambling(Even if you do
not win anything!). If you win, express appreciation to God, the
archangels, angels, the Universe, etc.
When a person plays lotto or some form of gambling, they should do so not
expecting to "win". Have a care-free and positive attitude to attract positive
Planet Jupiter: Luck, expansion.

Everyone will attract more luck during the two weeks before their birthday and two
weeks after their birthday when the Sun is transiting their Sun sign.

The sign your natal Jupiter is in will always bring you luck. For exampls; If your
natal Jupiter is in Pisces, you will attract extra luck when the Sun is transiting
the sign Pisces: Feruary 19 - March 20. If a person has their natal Jupiter
in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, people of those Sun signs will be helpful to the
individual and bring them luck.
The First Decanate Of Libra - September 23 - October 2: KeyWord: Magnetism.
Planetary Ruler: Venus. Sun: 1 - 10 deg Libra.

These individuals are fond of beauty, pleasure and luxury. They tend to have extravagant tastes
and need to be cautious to not over-spend their money. They are charming, creative, fond of
travel. In romance, they are often impulsive and romantic.
The Second Decanate of Libra...

These Libra Sun signs are at their best in social situations. They are bright, artistic,
original, determined. They are independent, honest and charming.
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The Third Decanate Of Libra...

These individuals have an attention-getting personality. They work well with people/the
public. They are bright, curious, fond of learning. They generally follow their thinking
and not their emotions. They like to solve problems. They are attractive and get
alot of attention from admirers.
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