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This thread could be informative , fun & aid us to get to know one another's fave albums/performance etc . I have cleared it with the mods so we can post videos from his channel. :flower: So ,go ahead people, which track are you playing at the moment? :grouphug: :eyepopping::grouphug:

Revisiting the Graffiti Bridge album today for the second/third time. Track is 'New Power Generation.'

"Graffiti Bridge" , one of my favorite Prince Albums and Movie!
@Dalia it's good to see you! yes i am in the same mind set here too. I really feel that Graffiti Bridge was the core of his art, being that it has such a spiritual , I can't even say elements of , cause to me it is a total spiritual piece of stand out artistry..This really strong message, and I also enjoy his theatrical side, The captivating broadway theme running through it. I think that Still Would Stand All Time could be a follow up to The Ladder maybe??

I'm still on this album today.
Elephants & Flowers
I am listening to the track "Gold" From The Gold Experience Album(1995). Some other tracks
on this album: "SHHH", "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World". "I Hate U".
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I am listening to the track "Gold" From The Gold Experience Album(1995).
Gold ?..ok . 🤔 Right mm thanks ..I'll try it. You have me curious haha You know I am kind of excited to discover more of his work, This , i feel could be the best way for that.

So, currently. The title track of the album. I like this song very much & it's message.

Graffiti bridge
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'Gold' from The Gold Experience [1995]

First time!

edit- I'll have to let that absorb 🤔

I Hate U from The Gold Experience [1995]

First time here ..let' s go !

The guitar :excited: Is there a video to this ? no probably not
Edit- Found video to this
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That's for you @Dalia SHHH from The Gold Experience &..

Also, 2011-04-28 - Shhh -Live at The Forum

The Most Beautiful Girl in The World -from The Gold Experience
I reckon you'll need that too. The video of this one

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"The Greatest Romance Ever Sold" From The Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic Album(1999).
I know this 1. Let me get this

I was shown this ago @Dalia he is all in black & has got that sparkly red eye make up on.

Edit- Sorry i don't know if you have seen the live performances of this. I found two

Prince - The greatest romance ever sold (Live on Dutch Television 1999) @Dalia sunglasses​

Prince - The Greatest Romance Ever Sold - SKY One Live - 1999 - UK @Dalia sunnies​

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@Dalia there is a song, 🤔 i was listening to it online ..its a later one though. it's on the Artificial Age um.. Pasta . June are key points.
Hold on shall find it.

Edit- So wrong. Alright ...start again.. So, it is on Hit n Run. Phase one. It is called June.
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The very first song that got me here ..
This - "Fair to partly crazy, deep down we're all the same Every single one of us knows some kind of pain In the middle of all that's crazy, this one fact still remains If you LOVE somebody, life won't be in vain And there's always a rainbow at the end of every rain."
Papa -Come [1994]

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