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What Are Some Of Your Favorite Movies?


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I like comedy, romance, music-themes, biographical movies.

Last year I bought the DVDS of: "Who's That Girl" and "Desperately Seeking Susan", starring Madonna, one of my favorite LEO Actresses,
Singers, Entertainers.
My other favorite Madonna Movies: "Dick Tracey", "A League Of There Own", "Truth Or Dare",
"Evita", "The Next Best Thing". "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" "Shanghai Suprise".
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As much as I love Madonna and her music (I have all of her albums including the last 3!) - she just was not much of an actress, but will admit I loved Evita, Body of Evidence and a League of their own. Dick Tracey was okay, a bit overblown.

I think Madonna's singing, her performances and just how great she is to us in the Rainbow community is enough to crown her goddess, no female pop singer can compare to her. Her influence and raw talent just can never be denied - but acting - she really is average to competent at best.

I have a wide range of favourite movies ranging from Drama, Comedy, Music and stand up.

It changes all the time - but here goes in no order

Purple Rain
The Colour Purple
Schindlers List
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1971
Oliver 1968
Whats Love got to with it
The Pursuit of Happyness
Bad Boys II (That reggie and video scene have me laugh out loud)
The Mack
The Godfather 1 and 2
Shawshank Redemption
Hidden Figures
The Green Book
Little Richard (2000 TV movie starring Doug E Doug as Little Richard)
The Bodyguard
Funny Girl
The Rose
Once were warriors
Police Academy's 1 to 5
Hamburger the movie
Back to the Future 1, 2, 3
All the Indiana Jones movie (Even Crystal skull and Dial of Destiny)
Catch me if you can

And no doubt I will find more.
My favorite movies starring PRINCE:

"Purple Rain", "Under The Cherry Moon", "Sign O' The Times", "Graffiti Bridge",
"3 Chains O' Gold".
Some of my favorite Adam Sandler Movies: Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer,
The Water Boy, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, The Hot Chick, Jack & Jill, Anger Management, 50 Firsts
Dates, Grown Ups.
Some of my favorite Eddie Murphy Movies: 48 Hrs, Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop,
The Golden Child, Coming To America, Harlem Nights, Boomerang, Vampire In Brooklyn,
The Nutty Professor, Dr. DooLittle, Daddy DayCare, The Haunted Mansion, DreamGirls,
Mr. Church.
Oh man. That's a question in itself isn't it? There are so many that I have clocked up over the years, I think drama , dance, sci-fi, dreamlike, dark & horror are my most favoured themes I guess , but i am going to say 1 of my most treasured is Menace II Society , Get On The Bus, & Phone Booth. I'm going to mention Under The Cherry Moon & will add Breakin too. Breakin . probably not Breakin 2 [ electric boogaloo ] Just the original makes a big impact for me.

I'm gonna mention Crank too. Also, I liked some John Travolta films the more earlier than later. So. The Boy In The Plastic Bubble , I found him cute probably not a reason to like a film LOL I like Gia, I like Leon. I liked They Live. I like Sleep Away Camp. I like V for Vendetta . Natalie Portman is a cool actress. I like No Men Beyond This point. And i do like fame and other dance films. It depends.
I like some dark rom/period films like Bright Star, Phantom Of The Opera, Wuthering Heights. There are a couple more but I can't remember offhand.
I like most musicals.

The Back to The Future franchise has my vote, people ! ~:*: Very strong characters & the who , when , what , why are even more explained in the novels. I loved Marty Mcfly & although i support michael j fox in many of his other films I have to say I loved his character in this film very , very much.
Then The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.. and i will mention Legend [1986] too . Not a big supporter of Tom Cruise at all but I loved where this one film takes me. I liked This is Spinal Tap. I liked SuperBad. Some of that stuff is fun. Some Johnny Depp characters are cool too. He has alot of filmography behind him. I like his Edward Sissorhands and maybe Benny. I like the Home Alone franchise,

Then there is ET, Star Dust , Skyline, Drag Me To Hell, I'm going to include MoonWalker here too. I might just include District 9 ..Yeah i'll include it. I'll add terminator 2 for sure.
I think one of my most 'recent' phenomenal films of all time would be The Cabin In The Woods. I love the motorbike/invisible wall scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💫✨

I like most arthouse titles mostly directed by Andy Warhol:bheart: & out of Paul Morrissey/s mind came Heat, & Flesh which is okay :lockdance:But I adore Trash cause again , the character the film provides, Joe Smith, I really felt for that guy..
& of course I love almost anything that comes out of the beautiful David Lynch's mind. Dario Argento is another for me. Okay, but his Demons 2 does my head in if not the visual , it is the sound and the atmosphere of that film.

And there is much more but those are the main thoughts for me when upon this topic. Many mid - late 80's/early 90s films come to mind. I suppose , pretty much in the horror area really. that and way out there fantasy . Some late 80's horror though can freak me out! I am not keen on the second Trolls film and some of those sounds from the early 80's are a no. Oh , and the Rob Zombie franchise was okay. I liked SAW concept , The first three maybe & I liked The first two or three Final Destination franchise. See i can go on ..
Love me some Murphy, 48Hrs, Trading Places, BHC1 and 2, Harlem Nights and Distinguished Gentleman. Also Raw and Delirious, but a bit off him as I have outgrown the word motherfucker and his anti gay jokes.

Rush Hour 1 and 2 (3 is less good, although the Moonwalking to Do Me Baby scene is hilarious) - Chris Tucker just cracks me up
"Listen we are the LAPD, the most despised cops in the free world,. my own granma so ashamed of me, she tells people I sell crack"
Jackie Brown (Samuel L Jackson is one hell of an actor)
Pulp Fiction (English Motherfucker, Hamburgers - The Breakfast of Champions)
Shaft 2000
Dreamgirls 2006
12 years a slave
I am a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker And The 'Sex And The City" Series, I have the six seasons on DVD.

The "Sex And The City" Movie was excellent and so was the second movie! Maybe there will be a third
movie eventually?

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