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Trump- Douches gonna douche

Meadows Calls His Own Book 'Fake News' After Trump Attack [TPM;12.2.21]
And, from Maggie Haberman at the NYTimes:
Trump Tested Positive for Virus Days Before Debate, 2 Ex-Officials Say [NYTimes;12.2.21]
President Donald J. Trump tested positive for coronavirus three days before his first debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr. in 2020, two former administration officials said Wednesday.

The White House did not announce the positive test at the time, and the president received a negative result shortly afterward and carried on with a campaign rally and the debate, the officials said. The account was first reported by The Guardian, which cited a forthcoming book by Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows.
The White House declined repeatedly at the time to give a precise chronology of when precisely Mr. Trump first received a positive coronavirus test result. The administration first told the public in the early hours of Oct. 2 that Mr. Trump had tested positive. Mr. Trump was hospitalized later that same day.

Mr. Trump’s positive result was revealed only after a top adviser, Hope Hicks, was reported to be sick with Covid-19. At the time, Mr. Trump intimated in an interview with Fox News that Ms. Hicks might have given him the virus.

But Mr. Meadows wrote in his book that three days earlier, on Sept. 26, Mr. Trump received a positive test shortly before departing the White House for Air Force One to travel to Pennsylvania for a rally. The White House doctor, Sean Conley, called to deliver the news. “Mr. President,” Mr. Meadows writes that he told Mr. Trump, “I’ve got some bad news. You’ve tested positive for Covid-19.”
Mr. Trump’s response rhymed with “‘Oh spit, you’ve gotta be trucking lidding me,’” Mr. Meadows wrote. The day of the positive result was the day that Mr. Trump held a large Rose Garden event announcing his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.
That was considered a 'super-spreader' event.
And a few hours after the positive test was received, Mr. Trump walked to the back of Air Force One and chatted with reporters, not wearing a mask. One of the reporters, who works for The New York Times, later tested positive for the virus.

The day after the positive result, Mr. Trump attended an event for military families.

Mr. Meadows wrote in his book that Mr. Trump appeared physically off around the time of that test, although by the time of the first debate against Mr. Biden, he seemed a little better.
trump exhibited reckless disregard for others: it's a mystery why his adherents continue to defend or, more like, adore him.
Do you think this is worth knowing about? According to Frank Figliuzzi (retired FBI Asst Director) and retweeted by Joyce White Vance (US attorney and federal prosecutor) these are trump's recent words:

To see the whole quote, click on the window. Words of a desperate man? Or, a continuation of attempts to incite violence and the slow-moving coup?

Such a bizarre time: like a 3-ring circus - init? In ring 2? mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader, making this statement:
McConnell Says Public 'Needs To Know' Jan.6 Committee Findings After Opposing Its Creation [TPM;12.17.21]
“I think the fact-finding is interesting,” he added during an interview with Spectrum News that aired Thursday. “We’re all going to be watching it.”

McConnell’s newfound eagerness is a markedly different tone than he struck during the creation of the committee. Back in May, he said that an investigation under Democratic leadership would be “slanted and unbalanced.”
Why the change? I did hear that, at a recent trump rally somewhere, there weren't enough people present to fill the venue and that areas were shut off to collect attendees in a smaller space. So, maybe mcconnell put his finger in the wind and feels a change in direction and decides to leave trump's tent, not that he ever liked the guy.
In ring 3? All the text messages the Jan 6 committee, specifically Liz Cheney, have released to the public revealing the frantic efforts by members of the gop, fox and others to get trump to call off his goons on Jan 6.

Then, back in Ring 1 you have recently-resigned fox news pundit, Jonah Goldberg:
Ex-Fox News Pundit Says 'Screw It' And Pens Scathing Essay About Network [Huffpost via yahoo!news;12.17.21]
And, here's Goldberg's actual editorial:
Donald Trump's Megaphone [The Dispatch;12.15.21]
with sub-title: 'Fox News news hosts knew that Rump's lies were lies - and they amplified them anyhow.'
This isn't altogether new news, but it's being addressed by the Jan 6 Committee now, so it's back in the news. And, there are further developments in that there are a greater number of states that participated than we originally knew about.

Here's a tweet with a clip about the forged elector documents from Rachel Maddow's show:

Separate from the physically violent assault on the Capitol on 6 Jan 2021, a parallel effort, a sort of 'soft' coup, began even before the Nov 3 election, beginning with trump's noxious claims in 2020 that he wouldn't accept the results of the election unless he won. The 'soft' coup has been a multi-pronged, ongoing effort that includes de-bunked accusations of voter fraud; flagrant, outrageous actions like trump calling on the Georgia secretary of state to find more votes; and efforts to persuade pence not to certify the election on jan 6, etc, etc, etc.. You can add the forged elector documents to the long list. That these forged documents had nearly identical language and formatting shows this effort did not initiate at the state level but was a centralized scheme communicated to state-level republican groups from above. This is just another revelation that begs the question, When will the instigators and financiers be brought to justice?
Some more reading that brings the number of states so far implicated to seven:
Trump allies' fake Electoral College certificates offer fresh insights about plot to overturn Biden's victory [CNN;1.12.22]
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More on the topic of forged electors....

But pence wouldn't go along with the plot.... ergo, calls to hang mike pence from trump supporters as they over-ran the Capitol
You might expect this thread to be encyclopedia length by now... slackers.

LOL - Fatigue sets in. Analyzing Trump's behaviors quickly turns into a full time job. And it is usually a non-starter with his adherents.
Sometimes you have to boil down the lack of impulse control, or that there's nothing about his actions or behavior that transcends what we observe in the animal kingdom, to conclude that he never made it onto the good ship 'human exceptionalism'.
Wow. And, as he says, he’s only scratching the surface. Have a listen. Kuschner starts w t——‘s latest trickery concerning the PA primary elections and does a review of various low points of the last 7 years or so. Ugly but necessary.
t——, having announced he’s running for president immediately following the midterms, and while suffering a series of setbacks in the various investigations of his conduct in the legal arena, manages to create another unsavory distraction.

T—— trading cards!!!

Trump’s Trading Card Grift Is Worse Than You Think [Kurt Eichenwald; 12.15.2022]

Read the article first. Then, read these two comments that came from ‘below the fold’:

Writes Cy_Guy’s Substack17 hr ago
Great piece. still misses one key point - in addition to grifting his rubes, the NFT's make a perfect money-laundering operation in themselves because they accept crypto-currency payments and only require an email address as identification, ie they don't require identification and anyone on the planet, from say China, Russia, or Saudi can buy the NFTs without it ever being traced back to the source of the funds.

16 hr ago
Exactly. Shady as the entities are, the source of funds is the real issue. Payment for those nuclear secrets in plain sight. No way the piss poor MAGA's have 45 wallets buying 45+ NFT's each
t—— is the front-runner for the gop nomination for potus. It’s not even close… zut alors

Despite all the indictments and damning evidence, his cultish followers adore him. Hard to know when they will come to their senses.

The threat to our democracy persists and exists in spite of the threat of another t—— presidency. The gop has taken the pill, they’ve swallowed Hook, line, and sinker, they’ve abandoned the noble elephant, they went to drain the swamp and found they liked it so much, they took up permanent residence… but, I digress.

Here’s some perspective on t—— and his habit of projecting, this time on the topic of fascism.

Disturbed Trump makes DANGEROUS ANNOUNCEMENT that THREATENS America in New Speech [Meidas Touch; 7.9.23]

There are some excellent analysts/ legal experts out there, making sense of the legal proceedings. Meidas Touch is one, so check out their daily uploads. This particular episode doesn’t fall in that category, so much. Just found it succinct and effective.
t---- and cortege are busy planning for a second t---- presidency (actually, the characters involved are devising a plan for any gop nominee, should t---- somehow be indisposed). What does the euphemism 'unitary executive theory' stand for, really? Here's an account of some of their plans:

Trump and Allies Forge Plans to Increase Presidential Power in 2025 [NYTimes;7.17.23]
The former president and his backers aim to strengthen the power of the White House and limit the independence of federal agencies.

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