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Post-election, widespread, renewed assault on voting rights

Gosh… this thread has been neglected. It’s not as if attempts to subvert democracy have diminished, just that there’s been a lot of other news and maybe because the assaults have been so continuous as to become too tedious to note. It’s certainly not that the efforts stopped.

Anyway! Here’s an interesting antidote:

I’d never heard of the ‘National Vote Interstate Compact’. Had you?
O, Texas.

Republicans Are Trying to Seize Control of Elections in Texas’ Largest Democratic County [Mother Jones; 5.23.2023]

The real purpose of the bills, Democrats and voting rights advocates say, is to give Republicans more sway over how elections are conducted in large and diverse urban areas that are trending away from the GOP. Harris County, where a majority of residents are people of color, was once reliably Republican, but it favored Biden by 13 points in the last presidential election. “Now that Republicans are losing elections in large counties, they want to take over those election offices or strong arm those officials,” says Rose Clouston, an adviser to the Texas Democratic Party on voting rights issues.
Supreme Court MAKES NEXT MOVES in Trump Cases [Meidas Touch;2.19.24]

The title is misleading. This video interview is about different ways nefarious actors inside our system of government can overturn the results of elections through weaknesses, either at the state or the federal level. Listen and be amazed. There are concentrated efforts right now to take advantage of these avenues and upend the will of the voters in very undemocratic ways, that could change the results of the 2024 election. The solution? Vote in such massive numbers that the outcome cannot be questioned.

Of course, ‘they’ have been hard at work on voter suppression, too. But that’s another topic, not addressed in this video. At least, not by the halfway point.

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