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Do you all believe in precognition?


There have been instances in my life where stuff like that has happened. But the weirdest ones were: (1) waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1986 we had a limo with a phone in it. Back on those days, you could punch in a 3-digit number and the phone would lock. While we were out, the driver did just that but didn't know the number he'd punched in. Somehow I concentrated and the number came to me, and the phone unlocked; and (2) similarly, we had a briefcase with important stuff in it but someone had inadvertently set the lock. Again, it was a 3-digit code and again, somehow I concentrated and got the number in my mind to unlock it.

Sadly, I've been unable to replicate this with the Powerball or MegaMillions but believe me, I've tried.
Yes i do. I've had a few strange (at least to me) situations. I'll type them out after i go grocery shopping.
A lot, I dream things before they happen and then its like the memory is repressed, but comes back later on and I instantly remember I dreamed about that thing happening several months ago.

I always foretell something bad happening by envisioning a big yellow 1950s style car parked out the front of the house. When I know I am losing a job or about to lose money or something, I see that car and know I am fucked.

I also have preventative dreams which now stop me from doing and saying dumb shit in real life (I have autism, so can be a loaded cannon with my mouth at times).

I foretold Trump winning in 2016 and sadly think he will again. I also foretell Ukraine winning against Russia, but at a big cost. On a more positive note I see China ditching Communism in the next few years and Iran abandoning the Islamioc theocracy soon too.
Everyone is intuitive and has psychic abilities, some people's psychic abilities are more progressed than others.

Kids are very psychic, especially when they are six years old and younger. Many parents and family members
tell the kids to stop saying that they see ghosts, spirits, talk to relatives in dreams, etc.

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