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Hmmmm. . . I want to say a few things, observations about Africa, actually, only Kenya 🇰🇪 based on a tiny perspective from having been there, briefly, long ago. But I’ll come back to that thought cuz no time. . .
whittling away at rights of the American people, at the state level. Tennessee, this time. . . . a shaving here, a shaving there. . . this state, that state.

New Tennessee Marriage Law Takes Aim At Obergefell [Talking Points Memo; 2.23.24]

Under this law alone, the country would, should Obergefell be overturned, likely return to the pre-Obergefell patchwork, where couples had to travel to certain states to get married.

Armed with a friendly Supreme Court, a base increasingly invested in culture-war red meat and a protective gerrymander, Tennessee’s Republicans are particularly well-equipped to be the tip of the spear as the right targets same-sex marriage, not long ago thought to be an issue settled both by courts and overwhelming public will.

“There’s a different type of Republican even in Tennessee’s General Assembly,” Akbari said, noting that the “more moderate, business-minded Republicans” are increasingly being sorted out in favor of hard-line partisans. “National trends are completely taking root in the state government.”
Gerrymandering favors the election of candidates with the most extreme views.

This post doesn't belong here. I'm lazily putting it here because it's a hard lean in an authoritarian direction.
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