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I have a collection of Prince 12 inch Remix singles for sale. They are all in very nice condition. These are all original and not reissues. I'm going to sell these so I can start a new collection. đź’śPlease visit my booth to see all of them. I also have some Prince Remixes that are not in the cover but in very nice condition. PayPal only.


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delete. (edited again.)
i don't what made me type delete. i probably just didn't know how to erase an entry.
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I've lowered the price on some of the albums for quick sale, I'm working on starting a new Prince collection:
How are you liking the Bonanza platform? I tried to use it once but I didn't have time to make it work for me.
Hi, the Bonanza platform is going alright; it's sometimes hard to get traffic but I'm lowering my prices so hopefully that will help.

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